Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ñoquis de papas (Potato Noquis)

Ñoquis de papas (Potato Noquis)... a great Argentina food recipe to try ! Nice !

# 1 potato for each person
# 1/3 cup of flour for each potato
# salt (to taste)


1. Cook the potatoes
2. Mash the potatoes, add salt to taste
3. Add the flour
4. Mix it till you have a soft texture (if necessary add more flour)
5. Move the mixture to a flour covered table for forming
6. Cut the mixture into small strips (more or less the size of a carrot)
7. Cut the strips into small squares
8. Run a fork along the outside of each square to add design (optional)
9. Let them dry for a few minutes, keeping the squares separated so they dont stick
10. Boil water with salt. Carfully add the ñoquies to the boiling water
11. Stir slowly and with care
12. When the ñoquies stop floating, stop the fire and strain them from the pot
13. Ñoquies are great with tomato salsa and grated cheese
The Argentina food recipe is ready to serve...nice one ! Enjoy !

1 comment:

GirlieBeku said...

Should be when the ñoquis start floating, instead of stop floating.


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